About Us

About Us

OpenTowers.com is a specialized job platform serving international students and alumni of U.S. universities and colleges in their search for internships, optional practical training (OPT), and full-time jobs in United States and abroad.  Expatriates (foreign workers) in the United States will also find the job board of great value to them. 

The platform offers a curated selection of job opportunities at companies that previously sponsored H-1B visa or Green Card applications for job candidates. Almost half of the 50,000+ jobs at the website (listed under “Latest Jobs”) are at these companies. They are posted by employers themselves at OpenTowers.com or are taken directly from their employment websites. In addition, we regularly post thousands of internships and jobs taken from other job boards, such as Indeed.com.

As more and more multinationals look to hire international students and alumni for their foreign subsidiaries, especially in countries suffering from talent shortages, they have turned towards graduating international students as well as recent alumni as they complete their OPT or H-1B assignments. So, OpenTowers.com is also a great resource for international students looking for jobs back home.

OpenTowers.com is a completely free resource for all job seekers.

For employers and agencies, opentowers.com is a one-stop resource to reach out to international students and other expats, a hard-to-find and often overlooked demographic in the United States. Once you list your jobs at opentowers.com, job seekers know that you accept applications from international students/alumni and other foreigners; you become the employer of choice for them. Supported by our leading-edge technology, opentowers.com offers employers selective student/alumni/expat profiles – selected based on your recruitment criteria, such as education, specialization, prior experience, and location. You also have access to a whole suite of tools to make the recruitment and selection process intuitive and easy.