FAQ for Employers

What is opentowers.com?

OpenTowers.com is the first job board serving employers and international students and alumni of U.S. colleges and universities as well as expat workers in the U.S. With over a million international students and many more alumni in the U.S., opentowers.com was designed to help employers reach out to this hard-to-find, and often neglected, demographic. Major job boards such as indeed.com, monster.com, and dice.com claim to have tens of millions of job applicants in their databases; finding an international student for your vacancy at such a job board could be like finding a needle in a haystack. Opentowers.com helps solve this problem and is your one-stop resource for hiring international students and alumni for internships, optional practical training (OPT), and full-time jobs in the U.S. and in your foreign subsidiaries.

We already have our own website. Why do we need opentowers.com?

With literally millions of companies having their own websites, job seekers may find it hard to visit the websites of even the most prominent companies regularly, even if they knew which ones might be receptive to hiring international students/alumni. Once you list your jobs at opentowers.com, job seekers know that you accept applications from international students and alumni; you become the employer of choice. The key to finding the right applicants for a job is to have a razor-sharp focus on where to advertise your vacancies. As Wayne Gretzky, one of the world's great hockey players, said when asked about the secret of his phenomenal success, “I skate to where I think the puck will be.” 

What are some of the other advantages of using opentowers.com?

Once you post your job at opentowers.com, the site offers you a suite of tools to make the recruitment and selection process intuitive and easy – at no extra cost. On your company dashboard, you have all the tools you may need to manage the posted jobs, see stats by job views, view job seeker applications, and manage your company profile settings. You can also search job seeker resumes/profiles in our continually growing database using a smart keyword search system. And, you can manage applicant tracking using our “kanban” style board that allows categorizing applications by hiring status, look through all the information about a candidate, contact applicants, and insert notes for each application.

How much do listings cost?

The cost of listing a job at opentowers.com is surprisingly low, only $119 for 30 days, or $179 for 60 days. You save significantly by purchasing a 3-pack of jobs which can be posted within six months of initial purchase, and save even more by purchasing larger job packs. Visit Pricing for more details.

How does opentowers.com attract talented international students/alumni to its site?

The opentowers.com founders are former international students with decades of experience in academia and industry. We leverage our contacts in academia to attract the kinds of international students and recent graduates that employers seek. And, we use our industry expertise to develop digital marketing, advertising, and outreach programs to attract job candidates for prospective employers. We use direct mail to university career centers and international student offices. We advertise in social media outlets, international education association publications, and at international student conferences at major universities.

I am convinced. How do I post my jobs at opentowers.com?

You will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to post jobs at opentowers.com. Start by completing the brief employer Registration and Profile form. Then, select the product (number of jobs to be advertised and duration of each listing), make the payment, and post your jobs.

Can I actively manage my job postings at opentowers.com?

Yes. You have complete flexibility and control over your listings. You can edit, modify, or delete your listings anytime, and the changes take effect right away.

What kind of response can I expect from my listings?

We focus on quality, not quantity. Some employers may receive a lot of applications, while other with more specialized requirements may receive only a few. To improve the chances of receiving a good response to your listing, include in the listing not only complete job specs but also information about your company, benefits, and any other special features.

What if my listing expires and I still haven’t found the right candidates?

You may extend a 30-day listing by another 30 days by paying the additional cost (typically about 50% of the cost of the original 30-day listing). Consider also rewording the job ad to make it more attractive to prospective job applicants, and search the job seeker resume database at opentowers.com (at no extra cost). 

What if I am not satisfied with the services?

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. If you are not happy with the results you receive from your listing, we will offer you a new listing free of cost or provide a prompt and courteous refund at your request. In such an unlikely event, please contact us at info@opentowers.com.

I found abusive content or a bug at opentowers.com. How do I report it so that it can be removed?

Fortunately, we don’t have many such issues, but with thousands of users some issues could occur and we try our hardest to fix them as soon as we become aware of them. So, by reporting such issues you are helping us keep our site clean and well-functioning for you and others. To report an issue, please use the Contact Form

How can I contact you?

Please use the Contact Form; we respond to queries and suggestions typically within 48 hours.