FAQ for Job Seekers

What is opentowers.com?

opentowers.com is a specialist job board serving international students and alumni of U.S. colleges and universities in their search for internships, optional practical training (OPT), and full-time jobs in the United States and abroad. Expatriates (foreign workers) in the United States will also find the job board of great value to them. It offers a curated selection of internship and job opportunities at U.S. companies that have previously sponsored H-1B visa and Green Card applications. It also has a selection of thousands of internship and job opportunities taken from some of the most popular job boards – making opentowers.com a single-window job search resource for international students, alumni, and expat workers in the U.S. OpenTowers.com is a completely free resource for job seekers.

What else does opentowers.com offer to job seekers?

The “Resources” section of opentowers.com contains a variety of valuable information and resources for international students and alumni seeking to advance their careers. Updated regularly, the site contains information such as how to access company reviews, how to create a digital portfolio of your accomplishments for prospective employers, immigration updates, advice from the trenches, etc. You can also access paid services offered by other companies, not affiliated with us, such as advice on resume preparation, speaking with an insider ahead of your job interview with a company, videos on a variety of topics such as what to wear for a job interview, and so on.

I am international student in the United States. Can I register at opentowers.com?


I graduated from a U.S. university, but currently do not live in the United States. Can I register at opentowers.com?

Yes. Some employers do seek to hire alumni of U.S. universities for their subsidiaries outside the United States.

Can I post more than one resume at opentowers.com?

Yes, you can post two or more resumes – to increase the chances of success in your job or internship search.

How do I use opentowers.com to find a job or an internship?

We are a job board, so you should first register at opentowers.com, complete your profile, and post a resume. You can then run a search for jobs or internships which are of interest to you and apply for those that best meet your credentials and interests. 

How do I apply for a job or internship?

Every job or internship posting at opentowers.com has directions for how to apply. Please follow the posted directions to ensure that your application is filed correctly. In order to apply for a job, you will need to first register or sign in to your account.

Which companies should I target for optional practical training (OPT)?

It has been our experience that most companies are willing to entertain OPT applications. F-1 students often apply for OPT at employers close to where they are located, and these need not be employers that previously sponsored H-1B visa or Green Card applications. Your career services office may even have a list of companies that previously hired F-1 students for OPT assignments.

To apply for a job/internship, do I need to contact opentowers.com?

No, you do not need to contact us directly. We are not an employment agency, so we do not match candidates with job opportunities. The application process is completely under the control of the organizations whose jobs appear at opentowers.com.

Will I receive confirmation that my application has been received?

Once you apply for a position, it is the employer’s responsibility to respond to you.

I did not receive a response to my application. How can I follow up?

We encourage employers to provide a response to all job applicants, and most do. If you have recently applied for a job and did not hear back, you may wish to contact the employer directly for an update. It is not possible for opentowers.com to follow up on behalf of job applicants.

How do I make my resume searchable so that employers can find me?

Once you create your Job Seeker Profile and Upload your Resume, click on "Let employers find my resume." It will then become searchable to prospective employers. If you would rather keep your resume private, unclick at this link.

Why do I have to add my social media accounts to my profile?

Most employers nowadays prefer to check out applicants of potential interest to them on social media before making a contact with them. Therefore, do include at least one of your social media accounts in your profile. It may even indicate to an employer that you have nothing to hide.

How can I find more about an employer before applying for a job with them?

Employers typically provide some information about their company in the job description itself. The following sites provide reviews of selected companies, including sometimes comments by current and former employees. Explore these sites to see if the company you are interested in is listed there.



Are the jobs listed in the Latest Jobs category all for companies seeking to hire international students and alumni?

No. These are jobs taken from (or posted by) companies that have previously filed H-1B visa or green Card applications. Thus, these companies are likely to be most sympathetic to hiring international students and alumni. The Latest Jobs category also includes current vacancies at some 200 of the largest U.S. and foreign companies (selected companies from the Fortune 500 or Fortune Global 500 lists).

Are the internships listed at opentowers.com exclusively for international students/alumni?

No. Generally, anyone, including international students/alumni and other expats, can apply for internships for which they are qualified. However, some internships have specific U.S. citizenship requirements, typically shown in the internship description. Read the internship requirements carefully before applying for a specific opportunity.

Are these paid or unpaid internships?

Some internships are unpaid, which is generally specified in the internship description.

How do I create a job alert?

Never miss applying for a job or internship just because you did not know it existed or missed the application deadline. We will send you a customized email reminder when new opportunities appear at opentowers.com that match your criteria. You can set the job alert to arrive in your email box daily or weekly.

I like your website. How do I share it with my friends?

You can simply send an email with a link to opentowers.com to any friends who might benefit from access to the opportunities and resources found on this site.

You can also be active in our community on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and your friends will see it.

I found abusive content or a bug at opentowers.com. How do I report it so that it can be removed?

Fortunately, we don’t have many such issues, but with thousands of users some issues could occur and we try our hardest to fix them as soon as we become aware of them. So, by reporting such issues you are helping us keep our site clean and well-functioning for you and others. To report an issue, please use the Contact Form

How can I contact you?

Please use the Contact Form we respond to queries and suggestions typically within 48 hours.