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This section contains links to organizations that offer free or paid services to job seekers, as well as research from leading research institutes. It has suggestions about how best to prepare for job interviews and related concerns of job seekers. (The organizations and services listed here are not affiliated with OpenTowers.com, and we receive no commission for recommend them). 

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Maximize International Student Services at U.S. Universities

Anayat Durrani, July 17, 2018

This article from U.S. News & World Report offers suggestions for international students on how they can make the best use of the resources available to them through their institution's international student and scholar services.

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Three Reasons Why International Students Can't Find Jobs in the U.S.

Li Lin, Huffington Post, 3.4.2016

Reason #1: Rejecting Themselves Before an Employer Can

Reason #2: Fear of Networking with Strangers

Reason #3: Not Knowing How to Do American Style Self-Promotion

So, follow this advice and put your best foot forward.

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Five Tips for the 21st Century Job Seeker

Keith McNulty, LinkedIn.com, July 5, 2018

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Skill shift: Automation and the future of the workforce

May 2018: McKinsey Global Institute

“Over the next ten to 15 years, the adoption of automation and AI technologies will transform the workplace as people increasingly interact with ever-smarter machines. These technologies, and that human-machine interaction, will bring numerous benefits in the form of higher productivity, GDP growth, improved corporate performance, and new prosperity, but they will also change the skills required of human workers.” This will mean a growing demand for technological, social, emotional, and higher-level cognitive skills in the years to come and, by contrast, a lesser demand for both basic cognitive skills and physical and manual skills.

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Create a Digital Portfolio to Present to Employers


A digital portfolio shows evidence of your skills, projects, presentations, papers, labs, clubs, and more – inside and outside the classroom – to prospective employers. It can help you stand out among others to recruiters. And, at portfolium.com, you can create your ePortfolio free of cost.

According to CalState San Bernardino’s CIO, Samuel Sudhakar, “Portfolium is LinkedIn on steroids, with way more functionality.”



This is probably the best resource we found that offers career-oriented webinars presented by professionals who have “been there and done that.” Each webinar costs only $3.00, and you can even see previews of webinars of interest to you before making the purchase.

Webinar themes: General, consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing. And, topics discussed in the webinars range from insights on specific industries, job search, resumes, and interviewing to LinkedIn.  Some examples: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile, Mastering the Case Interview, Landing Your First Job in USA, Summer Internship Strategies, Careers in Product Management, What to Wear for an Interview, and dozens more.

Company Reviews

Learn about the companies of interest to you…

Social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and search engines like Google can provide a great deal of information about companies in which you may be interested. Here are some resources to find company reviews, often by insiders.


Gloassdoor.com is perhaps one of the best resources offering an inside look at companies via “employee-generated” content. It offers information on company culture, benefits, and much else through reviews by current and former employees. It also provides information on salaries (anonymously) as well as potential interview questions.


At vault.com, you can research thousands of companies through profile pages, rankings, survey data, and employee reviews. Company rankings are especially helpful to job seekers. For instance, the “Vault Accounting 50” is the list of the top 50 accounting firms based on information from verified employees in the accounting industry. Each year, Vault surveys thousands of accounting professionals. From the results of these surveys, Vault ranks the top accounting firms in prestige, diversity, quality of life, and overall best to work for. Similarly, find information about companies in dozens of other industries.


Indeed.com is one of the largest job boards worldwide and has thousands if company reviews submitted by current and former employees. Most companies have at least 20 reviews, and some over a hundred, even a thousand reviews.  


Careerbliss.com bills itself as an online career community dedicated to helping people find happiness in the workplace. It offers over 700,000 company reviews and four million salaries.